Climbing out of Bronze in League of Legends

Climbing out of Bronze Being in a low Elo, dubbed “ELO Hell” is difficult. Typically the worst players get put into Bronze, which makes climbing out of bronze much more difficult due to League of Legends being a team based game. Made worse by no pattern in your match history, and no way for you […]

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League of Legends BE and IP Changes

In the past few days I’ve been conducting research into League of Legends changing the First Win of the Day IP bonus, and the leveling curve introduced. My theory for this change was to put pressure on players to snatch up their first win of the day, therefore making them come back to the game […]

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Pewdiepie Under Fire… Again

The world highest paid Youtuber, Pewdiepie, has been under fire again for using a racial slur during an online gaming stream. The Swedish 27 year old named Felix Kjellberg, could be heard using the racial slur while he was streaming Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Pewdiepie has over 57 million subscribers on Youtube, and gained this following […]

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